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Smarteo, energy management system

Let's reduce your energy consumption together

Smarteo® is a smart energy management solution allowing a perfect control of energy consumption. It is the ideal tool to carry out a comprehensive approach of energy efficiency and/or an ISO 50 001 approach.

The Smarteo® solution offers a simple and comprehensive solution to respond to your energy transition concerns:

  • Control energy consumption;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Reduce the environmental footprint.

10% savings only thanks to energy monitoring

Smarteo® is an evolving and interoperable solution that can be adapted to all types and sizes of buildings. It is an open system compatible with different equipment technologies and communication protocols (Sigfox, LoRa, …) ; Smarteo® retrieves, stores and formats data


From metering installation to ISO 50 001 certification, we are by your side to assist you in your process:

  • Collect essential energy and economic data ;
  • Visualise your performance indicators via simple and ergonomical dashboards;
  • Compare your different buildings/sites from a single application;
  • Receive alerts in case of overconsumption;
  • Work on the most relevant action levers to reduce energy and environment costs;
  • Customise available data about relevant stakeholders;
  • Share the information with stakeholders to involve them in your approach.

You can now test the creation of indicators and dashboards on the Smart'eo Vision demo webiste by clicking here:

Smart'eo Vision demo website

 Download Smart'eo brochure