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Customer service first !

SCLE SFE is resolutely a customer-oriented company. Everything at SCLE SFE -our relationship with our customer, our organisation, our infrastructures- is designed and implemented in order to meet your requirements, rise up your challenges, and deserve your trust. 

Customer relationship: professional listening, involvement, availability

At the heart of our operational mode and organisation: your needs and constraints.

Whether your needs are implicit or explicit, we know how to adapt our products and services offer. First of all,  emphasizing on the relationship with the customer, omnipresent in our action.

Your representatives, the sales representative and the business manager, are constantly working in pair and are available all along your project. At the initial stage, the sales representative defines the specifications with you and then gives it to the design office. The project manager is in charge of the technical monitoring.

Changing demand, new constraints…At any time, they can take action for the purposes of the project.

Consistent, sustainable and efficient infrastructures 

We want you to benefit from our progresses, over the long term. Our infrastructures are efficient and able to test, approve and predict your equipment's performance in real or simulated situation.

  • To design future products <>  2 dedicated R&D departments ;
  • To manufacture quality equipment <> 2 electronical  workshops ;
  • To check the immunity and emissivity of our equipment <> an integrated EMC laboratory ;
  • To guarantee the compliance of our products <> control units ;
  • To shorten the SAT of systems  <> 12 FAT rooms ;
  • To carry out energy conversion tests in real conditions with significant electrical power <> A power platform ;
  • To experiment our own solutions in real conditions <> full scale demonstrators.

Nos Différences

Customers, co-workers, partners and future generations: we are committed to your future


Delight the customer, satisfy the shareholder, increase the co-workers' competences, make the partnerships successful, work for local authorities, protect future generations: so many challenges we are taking up every day !

You benefit from a complete service


R&D, engineering, manufacturing, integration, installation, site acceptance test and maintenance of operational conditions. We master all the professions in relation with your activities, and this is clearly a driving force!

Our organisation is inspired by your needs


We know your methods and organisation. Our products and services offer is compatible with your needs, implicit or explicit.

Satisfy your objectives together … and even more!


SCLE SFE is different from other manufacturers thanks to its business model and its service-orientated approach. What is fundamental for us is to offer optimised and sustainable solutions. The objective is to help you go beyond your own objectives.