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A will to improve

SCLE SFE, the guarantee of an organised and performant company

​Certification and evaluation

SCLE SFE is committed to a strong improvement dynamic to ensure its missions and satisfy all its stakeholders : customers, employees, partners, shareholders, local authorities and future generations.
Its will is to set up a corporate project supported by an effective management system both high-level and easy to implement, in which all the employees are involved.

Thus, SCLE SFE has materialized its commitment to continuous improvement and quality of work by many certifications and assessments.

These certifications allow SCLE SFE to evolve and to continually improve its work.

A balanced and sustainable performance

To structure its approach SCLE SFE has chosen to adopt in 2006 the EFQM model (European Foundation for Quality Management).

This model, oriented towards sustainable and balanced performance of the organization, aims to continuously improve our actions at all levels, with a view of the expectations of our stakeholders.

Main recognitions

Other qualifications:

  • EMC laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 since 1998 (more info on www.cofrac.fr) ;
  • E3 AUT qualification;
  • Diversity Label;
  • Top Employers France 2014, 2015 and 2016 ;
  • Training Provider No. 73310525031