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50 years of experience

Since its creation in 1969 by André Coudé du Foresto, SCLE SFE has not stopped increasing its skills in order to create an ajustable offer, in compliance with the customer's expectations, on high-technology markets : energy and railway.

A company is born

André Coudé du Foresto created the S.C.L.E company in March 4th 1969.
The name of the company has been chosen spontaneously ; he tells us how it happened:

"Just like this ! At first,  I was thinking of catenary, phone lines, EDF lines, anything related to lines. I had no idea that we would turn towards the industry ( what we started to do right after) and towards what you are doing today. Everything happened so fast ! I didn't ask for help to find a name... We wanted to build lines ! So the name of S.C.L.E came right away to my mind : "SOCIETE DE CONSTRUCTION DE LIGNES ELECTRIQUES" (Company of electricity lines construction), covering everything. The very next day, I filled in the statutes..."

This is how the adventure of SCLE SFE began!

SCLE ERJI 1969-2009 : the history of a company!

Key dates

1969: creation of the S.C.L.E company


André Coudé du Foresto created S.C.L.E. "Company of electricity lines construction". The activity started with railway works and catenary installing. SCLE SFE developed rapidly its activity with railway substations supply, telecommunications, EDF substations construction work, integration and material manufacturing. 

1987: the innovation boosts the activity!


S.C.L.E. bet on electronics and created a service dedicated to the development of new products: RH 2000 and TM 3000.

1998 : ERJI joined S.C.L.E


ERJI, founded in 1968 by Jean Robert in Marseilles, joined S.C.L.E. to create a stronger entity into the «Energy applications and systems» department.

2000: the first PCCN equipment of the market


S.C.L.E started developing skills in "protections and automatisms" and designed the first PCCN equipment of the market : RCFM bay, transformer bay, MV switchgear P&C bay.

2001: S.C.L.E and ERJI became SCLE SFE


The "Energy applications and systems" department became the SCLE Systèmes pour le Ferroviaire et l'Energie (Railway and Energy systems) company, SCLE SFE.

2006: development of advice and expertise


Development of a services offer "Expertise, Engineering and Integration" for industrial customers, based on knowledge acquired with the distribution network operators.

2008: a global offer for substations


After having completed the development of digital equipment such as transformer bay, MV switchgear P&C Bay and RCFM bay, SCLE SFE actualised its substation offer with the Automation and Supervision cabinets.

2014: inauguration of the energy conversion platform


SCLE SFE is equipped with a research and test platform of 2000 sq.m allowing to discover, experiment and test in full-size the electricity solutions of tomorrow (smart grids).