Technical assistance and after-sales service

Your system is ready, tested, approved and standardised. We stay by your side, helping you getting familiar with the product and providing maintenance and the after-sales service. 

We help you getting familiar with the product

SCLE SFE shares with you its experience on your equipment

Our technical assistance/ after-sales service team guides you until the system developed is switched on. Our objective: share our knowledge about equipments. Our multi-skilled technical assistance team takes care of SAT, hot-line and repairing of equipment, all systems involved. 

A complete service, an achieved support

In partnership with your teams and according to the procedure you approved, SCLE SFE gives you the opportunity to carry out the tests and controls necessary before the start-up of the equipment.
At the customer's, the SAT includes :

  • The configuration of the subsystem (elements supplied by the customer) ;
  • Check-list test according to the type of service (SAT sheet, compliance testing) ;
  • The control of software versions, verification of the communication network  ;
  • The respect of quality and security standards ;
  • The production of administrative document : access authorization, work permit, etc.

Maintenance and after-sales service: dedicated means,  all year round. 

SCLE SFE offers you a hot-line and a dedicated after-sales service all year round. The technical assistance team can help you during your interventions. The repairing of the equipment is done internally by technicians equipped with test benches and measure means. A dedicated software monitors the equipment sent back to the after-sales service.

The Technical Assistance team carries out the SAT, the technical assistance and the after-sales service