EMC laboratory

SCLE SFE has a COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) certified EMC laboratory, ISO 17025 standard.  The verification of the products  in this laboratory, guaranteeing the respect of standards of immunity and emissivity.

Robust systems

For more than 40 years, SCLE SFE has been manufacturing equipment installed in high-voltage substations, substations, known for being disturbed environments.This situation required a validation of products' performance in immunity and emissivity, leading SCLE SFE to create an EMC test laboratory.

Created in 1997, the EMC laboratory is specialised into civil, industrial and railway fields, etc.

We can intervene during each step of your project as:

  • Specialist: to evaluate your installations' performances and reliability
  • Engineering: to identify together the best solutions in relation with your projects and help you specify them

Equipped with a semi-anechoic Faraday cage and an electromagnetic field free zone, our EMC laboratory offers electromagnetic compatibility tests  guaranteeing the efficiency of our equipment and its neutrality on its own environment.

In addition with these tests, we carry out investigations and expert assessments on customers' site.

The EMC Laboratory SCLE SFE tests equipment for ITER

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory SCLE SFE was selected to verify the conformity of equipment to the specific requirements of the ITER program. The EMC laboratory SCLE SFE  carries out, among others, tests of static magnetic fields according the specification ITER 98JL4W.

ITER is a global scientific research projet that aims to demonstrate that the fusion of two hydrogen varieties (deuterium and tritium) can become a  usable energy source and produce electricity.

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Electromagnetic field free zone of the test laboratory