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A training center

Our service does not only include the delivery of the system. On site and in our office, our SCLE SFE trainers and specialists share their knowledge about the equipments with you

For a productive share of experience, SCLE SFE trains you

You would like to help your maintenance and operation teams to raise their skills? We give you the opportunity to train them on our products. The trainings take place into our offices in Toulouse and on site.  
To do so, we have a training room and a testing show-room at your disposal, entirely equipped, where our trainers and specialists will receive you in small groups. 

The thematics of our trainings are:

  • The maintenance on the SCLE SFE site in Toulouse.
    Objective: allow the service technicians to practise the configuration activities, connection, SAT, monitoring and product maintenance. 
  • The explotation at the customer's site.
    Objective: allow the managers to carry out driving operations and a pre-diagnosis on the equipment. 

We are at your disposal to design and create a tailor-made training in all the fields of HVB/HVA. 

We organise more than 40 weeks of training every year