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Our goal is simple: satisfy our customers. In order to offer updated, sustainable and tailor-made solutions, we invest into a shared R&D 33% of our headcount. 

On the road to innovation

The SCLE SFE technical advancement is mostly based on the R&D power in electricity, power electronics and computing. Whether it is on a bill of specifications or on a specific identification of the customer's needs, our first objectives are : the innovation, the "tailor-made" and the performance over time.
Our teams, available and flexible, know how to develop rapidly personalised systems.

Fundamental research and empirical observations : a sucessful osmosis 

The theory is not enough for us! Regular reviews are organised between our R&D department and all the services implicated on the production line.
Our R&D department controls the implementation of its products and receives feedback.
That is how we maintain this improvement dynamic that characterises us.