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Project management

A SCLE SFE representative guides you from the beginning to the completion of the project. From the identification of the needs to the site acceptance test, a sales representative and then a business manager guarantee the achievement of your project in time and with an optimised budget.  

An attentive and efficient partnership

This is the corporate identity: first, we listen attentively to you so that our suggestions comply with your expectations.

  • The sales representative collects your needs, formalises your requirements, implicit or latent by identifying missing data and by minimising the residual risk. In fact, he optimises the whole cost of your solution. He then gives the bill of specifications to the business manager.  
  • The business manager, responsible for the proper functioning of the project, insures the technical follow-up and mobilises the internal resources required: experienced teams equipped with powerful resources.  

They are both your privileged representatives, available throughout  your electrical equipment project, or you high-voltage works.

The sales representative collects your needs, formalises your requirements and optimises the wholde budget of your solution