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Engineering and expertise

Since its creation, SCLE SFE imagines and designs technical and software solutions inspired by your need of upgradability, sustainability of the equipment, your obligations of spaces and costs. 

SCLE SFE : designer and engineering specialist 

This engineering mission is divided into two components:

  • "Electrotechnical" with: 

    • Modeling of the electrical grids until 400kV ;
    • Studies of electrical grids (short circuit, balance of power etc.) ;
    • Protection plan ;
    • Studies of the selectivity of the protections ;
    • Sizing of electrical equipment.
  • "System" with:

    • Definition of the solution's architecture ;
    • Functional specifications of the performances ;
    • Writing of specifications ;
    • Configuration of the system and protection relays ;
    • Creation of plans and files of functional tests.

Modeling of electrical grids up to 400kV