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Field teams

Our field team can carry out your installations and the work. SCLE SFE can be your only representative from the design of the products to the site acceptance tests of the system.

SCLE SFE : only one representative

Delivery and installation of our products in HV substations: a turnkey service

We are compatible with your needs, whatever they are :industrial building, container, new installation or renovation. We define together the extent of the service realised by the Field teams together with the business manager and the design office.  These teams are also regularly in contact with the production workshop they depend on. 

Long term or short-term construction projects

We carry out 2 types of construction projects for which the installation is performed when the power is off :

  • Long term projects (several months) ;
  • Short term projects (a few weeks) ;

The objective of this installation activity on the substation is to make sure that everything is connected and working properly.
It includes :

  • the removal, the evacuation of the old equipment ;
  • the work, civil engineering, the fitting of the structure, the trenches, etc. ;
  • the implementation and the connection of new HVA/ HVB equipment ;
  • the installation and the connection of the cabinets into the industrial building ;
  • the pulling of cables, the connection of the cabinets and HVA/HVB equipment.

Our teams install the equipment in the stations before the site acceptance tests : this is an historical activity at SCLE SFE