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"We prove our expertise through our actions" could be a motto for SCLE SFE. To experiment our own solutions in real conditions, we have conceived and installed full-size demontrators on our sites of Toulouse and Marseilles.

Anticipate your future equipment

To prove the potential of the future electrical solutions

 A Smart ZAE ( Economical Actvity Zone) has been implemented in ToulouseOur site is equipped with 6 wind turbines (60kW), solar panels on the roof (200kWc), 2 solar canopies (100kWc) connected to recharging terminals for electric vehicles and also to electrical storage infrastructures (battery, flywheels).

To identify energy supply and demand in real time on different points of the grid. 

Our sites of Toulouse and Marseille are equipped with Smart'eo smart metering (design and manufacturing by SCLE SFE). A software enables to forecast the electricity production and consumption thanks to weather data and needs anticipation.

An energy optimising computer system allows the site administrator to cleverly insure the balance between production and energy demand.  

Official opening of Smartgrid Experience on September 11th 2014 in Toulouse
Toulouse, September 11th, 2014 - Guy Lacroix, CEO of Cofely Ineo and Dominique Faure, Vice- President of Toulouse Métropole have inaugurated "Smart Grid Experience", the first smart electrical grid tested in an activity area in France. We experiment on this site different technological innovations in order to offer solutions of  smart energy management to local authorities and industrialists. As part of "Investissements d'Avenir", the ADEME selected and finances some projects developed on site.

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A solar / Power generator / Storage Hybrid power plant in Toulouse