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Energy conversion, integration, control command of the RINGO system in Ventavon

Depending on the weather conditions, local solar electricity production may experience occasional peaks, and may be too abundant to be transported by the electricity grid. The surplus electricity is then lost.

The RINGO experiment is based on the coordination of 3 geographically distinct sites and consists of storing the surplus renewable energy to avoid losing the energy produced, and simultaneously destocking elsewhere where it is needed. 


The RINGO experiment is based on the coordination of 3 sites in France



On RINGO Ventavon, SCLE realises :

  • The Control-Command of the entire energy storage system, which elaborates the charge and discharge instructions for the batteries in real time.
  • The 2 BattGrid power converters which act as the interface between the batteries running on direct current and the RTE grid running on alternating current; they act as the batteries' "charger".
  • Protection and "Substation" Control-Command of the connection of the RINGO site to the RTE network
  • The cooling system to optimise the efficiency of the installation
  • The user supervision software for RTE
  • Functional and optimised physical integration of power electronics objects



A complex storage system requiring intelligent and dynamic control

The Control-Command ensures the management of the 8 converters and the 4312 batteries connected to meet the needs of the network.

The control functions manage a high level of complexity since it is necessary to adjust the power settings of the converters in real time, taking into account the constantly changing states of charge, temperatures and power capacities of the batteries.

The Control-Command calculates at all times the possibilities offered by all the connected batteries and determines the individual powers they must provide to guarantee a homogeneous state of charge. This is necessary to maximise system availability.

As the charging and discharging phases of the batteries involve large amounts of energy, the system is designed to minimise heat dissipation and provide optimum system efficiency.



A real flexibility tool for the network, RINGO allows for the first time in the world to test on a large scale the installation of batteries on the high-voltage electrical network to manage renewable electricity overflows automatically.

Three suppliers have been selected by RTE to supply the three RINGO turnkey sites. They form a representative panel of the different technologies used for storage.

At the Ventavon site, RTE has chosen Blue Solutions, SCLE and ENGIE Solutions to launch the RINGO electricity storage experiment. 

The installed system uses new generation "all-solid" LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, a unique and innovative technology designed and produced by Blue Solutions in its plants in France. ENGIE Solutions' SCLE teams are responsible for the design, supply, testing and commissioning of the electrical elements, the energy conversion system, the ESS (Energy Storage System) Control Command System and the High Voltage substation that powers it. 

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