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SLE SFE is committed to respecting the privacy of its site users. You'll find bellow the way personal information is collected, how SCLE SFE use and store it and how to opt out.

General principles

Is considered as personal any information that may be used to identify a person and any data associated therewith. Our website (www.scle-sfe.fr) may contain some links to websites having their own privacy policy. Please check those policies before you submit any personal information as we're not responsible for their processes.

Collected information

You can visit our website without personal data being collected. However, we may collect information about your computer, IP address, browser type, operating system, language, kind of device used, Internet service provider, point from where you accessed our website, search keywords, number of pages visited, pages visited, time spent on our website and date of the visit.

Personal data will only be collected in the following situations:

Speculative application and application to a job offer: name, phone number, e-mail address, resume, application letter, job type.

Premium account: company, name, function, phone number, e-mail address, password, zip code, city, country, sector concerned.

Contact form: company, name, function, phone number, e-mail address, zip code, city, country, activity field.

Newsletter form: company, name, function, phone number, e-mail address, zip code, country, sector concerned.

"Share with a friend" function: sender's e-mail address, receiver's, sender's name. Please note we neither collect nor store the information entered in this form.

Who will access your data and how it will be used

Only a few persons in our company can acess your personal information. We will only collect data for specific purposes and will not collect and store it beyond what is necessary to accomplish them.

Speculative application and job application: Only SCLE SFE human resources service may access the information submitted by applicants. Application data will not be stored longer than required by the recruitment process.

Premium account: the SCLE SFE webmaster only can access collected data and use it at a statistical purpose (except when you subscribe our newsletter). This data is stored for 5 years and is then permanently deleted.

Contact form: the SCLE SFE webmaster and any person able to answer your request can access your data. This information is not used and no longer stored than the time necessary to answer you.

Newsletter form: the SCLE SFE webmaster only can acess the information you provided. It can be used to share promotional communications with you about 4 times a year and, in some cases, for a strictly internal statistical treatment. This data is stored for 5 years and is then permanently deleted.

Opting out

If you want to access, change or remove your personal information, please send an e-mail to cdpm.scle@scle.fr.