Dedicated Solutions

Our teams use Omicron 6I 4U injection sets

On-site test of protection equipment

On-site tests

We apply our means and skills to tailor-made services, using our knowledge on different technological levels and different equipment generations in your command-control systems.

Description of services

  • On-site tests of all-generation and brand protection and measuring equipment in order to:
    • Check the proper functioning of protection equipment engagement and disengagement chains
    • Control different protection functions
    • Check the calibration of measuring equipment (transducers, meters, measuring stations)
    • Control secundary measuring circuits of measuring transformers (connection, wiring loads)
  • Preparation of test sequences of the injection set for each equipment
  • Development in the design office of a test plan and completion of an on-site test report

Your stakes

  • Safety of persons and goods
  • Regular checking, required by insurers
  • Continuous service
  • Evaluation of measuring and protection equipment reliability

Material generations

  • Electromechanical
  • Analogical
  • Digital


  • Omicron 6I 4U injection set
  • Multimeters
  • Current and voltage injection with ESSAILEC & SECURA range


  • Electrical: B2 / BR / H1 / H2
  • Chemical: UIC Level 2
  • ATEX: ISM-ATEX Level 1