Dedicated Solutions

High-voltage renovation works

Make the electrical grids reliable

Maintain the electrical safety of the industrial site and guarantee its energy supply

SCLE SFE has been renovating electrical grids for 10 years.

We master all wiring generations of Command-control systems, from substations to entirely digital technologies.

Our teams are able to analyse the most dilapidated installations, to offer solutions to renovate them, to make them reliable and implement them from A to Z

SCLE SFE has been MASE certified since 2014.

The renovation of electrical grids, especially substations, is a recognised expertise at SCLE SFE: we ensure the monitoring and engineering of works while maintaining the service continuity. For 10 years, our field teams have been renovating industrial sites equipped with an HVB substation or with HVA delivery substation, as well as electrical power plant switchyards.