Integration railway Shelter

Made in France

PMP - Concrete or Container paralleling substation

PMP's main function is to guarantee catanary paralleling via circuit breakers and/or switches.
It can have a 25,000 V or 1,500 V voltage, and can be integrated in a concrete or container substation.

100% turnkey solution

PMP is tailor-made according to customer specific requirements.
Integrating HV and LV, SCLE SFE's PMP is a 100% turnkey solution.


PMP integrated in a concrete Shelter


  • Reduced on-site intervention time
  • Less staff on the work site for the customer
  • Less civil engineering and less administrative procedures
  • Benefits of concrete or container according to your site



According to your site configuration, PMP can integrate:

  • 1,500 V circuit breaker panel
  • Departure cells: integration of 25,000 V circuit breakers into boxes
  • Command-control equipment
  • Discharge gap for the connection to traction return
  • Raised floor

ƒƒIf the work on site is associated to PMP: SCLE SFE supplies enclosures, LV wires, gantry equipment, HV, LV connection sleeves, potential supports, as well as connection and installation equipment. SCLE SFE schedules civil work for the Shelter implementation. ƒƒ

The product can be covered to blend into landscape (cladding, doors, roof, etc.).



Already 11 SCLE SFE paralleling substations have been installed for SNCF since 2013, including:

  • La Palme (10 feet 1,500 V container Shelter)
  • La Couronne (25,000 V concrete Shelter)
  • Le Saillant (10 feet 1,500 V container Shelter)

But also for other lontime clients:

  • ENEDIS: CCiN container Shelter integrating SCLE's substation distributed control system

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