Engineering consultancy

Techo-economic sizing studies for energy power plant

A decision-making tool for your projects

Our engineer team provides a support for customers who are looking for the best techno-economic sizing for their power plant integrating different energy sources and storage solutions. This expertise deals with different issues by searching the best sizing to get the best profitability for your project.
The study aims to simulate the power plant in operation in order to offer a technical and commercial solution.

A complete customised study

Our engineering team uses different tools in order to size all the sources depending on the client's issues:

  • Optimisation in terms of fuel consumption
  • Optimisation in terms of cost of energy
  • Optimisation in terms of environmental impacts

For more accuracy, we integrate battery aging into our simulations. 


 Engineering consultancy sheet

Example of a 24-hour simulation for a hybrid power plant


Futures Énergies - 2015 

As part of a project of hydroelectric generation on a French island in Brittany, SCLE SFE carried out: 
A design study of the energy storage system;
A technical and economic optimisation to maximise the hydro-electric production revenues.

Electricité de Tahiti (EDT) - 2016

As part of a shift of a thermal power plant operated by EDT (Tahiti electricity) on an island in French Polynesia, SCLE SFE carried out a design study to find the best configuration of hybrid power plant: solar panels + generators + storage and reduce exploitation costs and environmental impact.