Energy production
Dedicated Solutions

Engineering and high-voltage expertise

Engineering and high-voltage expertise

We offer our high-voltage expertise by imagining restoration, reliability improvement solutions in the form of preliminary surveys and bills of specifications.


Thanks to powerful calculation tools conceptualising electrical grids, we are able to carry out different electrotechnical studies:

Description of studies

  • Short-circuit studies according to CEI 60909 standard
  • Selectivity of protection relays
  • Study of power flow and voltage plan
  • Dynamic stability study, for example: short circuit, load impact, source changeover
  • Charting [U;Q] and RTE protectability study for the connection of electricity generators
  • Formulation of regulation strategies in P and Q for electricity storage systems
  • Harmonic pollution study

Your stakes

  • Safety of persons and goods
  • "Grid Code" conformity of producers and consumers
  • Continuous service
  • Optimisation of facility performance


  • SKM PTW 32
  • EMTP
  • PSIM
  • DIgSILENT Power Factory


  • CEI 60909
  • NFC 13-200