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Our energy storage solution GridPow'ER installed in Corsica

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Optimise the renewable energy production with GridPow'ER

GridPow'ER is a global energy storage and energy management solution for interconnected grid.

Designed by SCLE SFE, it facilitates the integration of renewable energies into the electric grid. This modular solution is composed of batteries, inverters and an energy management system.

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A better integration of renewable energy into the grid with GridPow'ER

GridPow'ER enables a better integration of renewable energies into the grid.
This solution allows to:

  • Smooth variable and intermittent production
  • Ensure grid stability
  • Optimize energy production

Example of architecture for a wind farm connected to the grid


Engineering and consulting

To maximize the profitability of your energy storage projects, SCLE SFE offers engineering expertise. We help you to find the best technical and economical configuration: type of renewable energy, battery technology, etc., in order to offer the best solution that meets your need.