BattGrid™ 1000

Made in France

BattGrid™1000, grid interface container

BattGridTM1000 is designed to provide services to renewable or hybrid power plant ( combining thermal power plant and renewable energy), and grid operators.

BattGridTM1000 sends orders to the different equipments in real time to regulate the overall functionning power: 

  • Charge, discharge and maintenance mode for the battery
  • Variation of the injected active power into the grid
  • Injection / absorption of reactive power
  • Management of the different production sources

 BattGrid 1000 product sheet

BattGrid on the Energy Storage Park for frequency control



BattGridTM1000 is a 20 feet container integrated solution, which includes 5 subassemblies:

  • Up to 12  high performance 100kVA inverters (serial-parallel association adapted to voltage level and to batteries power)
  • 1 command-control system: management and supervision
  • 1 HVA/LV transformer
  • 1 HVA panel
  • 1 main low-voltage board


  • High resolution management: smart distribution of charges and discharges over batteries subassemblies
  • Modularity: independent from battery technology
  • Easy to install and maintain: 20 feet container all integrated solution
  • Safety: coordination of the fire protection integrated in the battery
  • Experience: SCLE SFE is a leading player of substation automation system



2015 DGA GENALT Energy optimisation of power plant efficiency Generator with solar energy input and stationary storage

  • Installed power solar power plant: 16 kWp
  • Battery storage 122 kWh

2015 CORSICA SOLE ALATA Storage and production optimization software for a solar power plant in Corsica

  • Installed power solar power plant: 4.4 MWp
  • Storage power: 2.4 MVA
  • Storage capacity: 4.32 MWh

2016 BATTGRID in Toulouse Storage connected to the distribution network for frequency control 

  • Storage power: 1.2 MVA
  • Storage capacity: 1.7 MWh

2019 VOLTALIA SAVANES DES PERES Storage and production optimization software for a solar power plant in French Guyana

  • Installed power solar power plant: 3.8 MWp
  • Storage capacity: 2.6 MW
  • Storage capacity: 2.9 MWh

2019 ELECTRABEL ENGINEERING STORAGE ENERGY PARK Storage for frequency control in Europe

  • Storage capacity: 1.2 MW
  • Storage capacity: 1.7 MWh