BattGrid™ 100

Energy storage system

BattGridTM100 is an energy storage system designed to provide different services such as optimizing the LCOE (leverage cost of energy) of a hybrid power plant, providing ancillary services to the grid, etc. 

It integrates all the necessary components and devices into one 20-foot container:

  • 100 to 400 kW of power conversion
  • 100 to 800 kWh of li-ion batteries
  • 1 automation system: management and supervision 
  • 1 cooling down system

 BattGridTM100 product sheet

BattGridTM 100 is an energy storage system for renewable and  hybrid power plant


  • Designed to withstand severe weather conditions like tropical climates
  • Maximisation of lifecycle
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Modularity