BGS - SIL 4 Safety signalling system

Made in France

A SIL4 safety generic basis for railway signalling application

Do you need to develop a new railway signalling system ?

Our BGS solution is what you are looking for:

  • A SIL 4 certified (by Certifer) generic material and software support
  • All our in-house resources are committed to design your application while respecting costs, deadlines and safety standards.

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Watch an overview of the second BGS application, RailMap :


Safety signalling system BGS, SIL 4 certified by Certifer



In N.S1 block or 19-inch rack, the digital technology BGS is a software and hardware platform that can receive a railway signalling application.

It allows to:

  • Get inputs (analog and/or TOR data and/or digital)
  • Monitor outputs (TOR data and/or digital)
  • Manage information for maintenance and telemonitoring
  • Ensure the device safety
  • Manage application settings

BGS is SIL 4 certified by CERTIFER.


  • SIL 4 certificate of the BGS safety signalling system: limited risks, optimisation of costs and deadlines
  • Modularity: modular hardware configuration that can be adapted when needed
  • Programmable : software functions defined by desired applications
  • Settings: flexible functional declination of applications
  • Easier maintenance
  • 2 sizes: 19'' rack or 3-unit N.S1 block


  • A 2oo2 architecture and continuous monitoring of the block's internal data are helpful to adopt a secure and irreversible fallback position .
  • To facilitate the maintenance, the BGS is equipped with a real time clock and an event memory to track the functional review of the block and system
  • Exists in 3-unit N.S1 signaling block for countryside or in 19-inch rack format



The 1st application: DVL, crosswind detector

  • Application: it is essential to monitor the wind in order to control the train speed on high-speed railway lines. The crosswind detection system complies with this safety requirement, and is SIL 2 certified.
  • It is made of 3 sub-systems ; 19 DVL systems have been installed along the SEA high-speed railway line since 2016.
  • Installation in progress in Morocco: 3 DVL systems on the Tanger-Kenitra high-speed railway line (full implementation scheduled in 2017).


The 2nd application: PMGI, switch area management

  • Application: digital railway signaling equipement, for switch area management
  • SIL 4 certified, the highest security level in railway sector
  • Can be installed both on tram or metro lines
  • Installation in progress on the 1st tram line in Avignon