Successful earthquake tests for our equipment !

30 G is the stress to which our material was successfully subjected last month!

Following the obsolescence of the existing equipment developed in the 1980s, EDF entrusted us with the redesign of electronic modules important for the safety of nuclear reactors. This equipment is intended to be installed in zone K3 of a nuclear power plant, under severe conditions, in an environment with seismic tremors. The tests carried out in January simulated the effects of earthquakes. 

Since 2017, our Marseille Agency has been carrying out site surveys, specifications, design and manufacture of qualification prototypes. In 2020, the equipment underwent the qualification line according to RCCE 2012 and CRT 80C012: electromagnetic compatibility tests, climatic tests, mechanical ageing tests, extended operation tests for 2,000 hours at 50°C; up to this seismic test. 

Next step: the official qualification of the equipment. Congratulations to the entire team in Marseille!

The equipment has undergone earthquake tests with stresses of up to 30 G!