Smart Controller 1502

Made in France

Energy management smart gateway

Smart Controller 1502 is a smart gateway between field equipment and an energy management system such as Smart'eo Vision.

It centralises data from all types of equipment connected to its communication ports (RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB) and transfers it to the remote data storage server. It can also transmit orders via supervision to activate outputs on Smart'eo products.

An integrated web server can remotely or locally access a simple configuration and ergonomical interface.

Download Smart Controller 1502 product sheet

Smart Controller 1502 allows multi-equipment and multi-bus remote reading


  • Remote reading and consumption monitoring of your installation
  • Multi-protocol compatibility
  • Robustness of data saving and transit
  • Simple and ergonomical configuration


  • Multi-bus/multi-equipment remote reading
  • Internal memory data saving (> 1 year)
  • Multi-protocol compatibility
  • Integrated Web server to access settings
  • Monitoring Smart'eo equipment outputs