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No chemical products used for cleaning offices

Développement durable

A citizen company

SCLE SFE, "commitment for a sustainable performance"...

Our slogan is committing us in the promise of an expertise regarding our customers, partners and co-workers, in a way that respects the environment, energy and safety.

« Our company is committed to an authentic approach of sustainable development. Beyond the economic extent of the company, it is necessary to give meaning to our actions and to maintain the excellence. To offer more economical products and services in the long term to our customers, to give the opportunity to our co-workers to blossom out without fearing the future, to minimise our environmental footprint, to act with local authorities… all these stakes are crucial for us. This is not just a statement or good intentions : our efforts and achievements are real, and we are happy to share them with you." 

Jean-François Revel - SCLE SFE Executive director 

Key figures



of solar panels and 60 kW of wind turbines installed in Toulouse


of the energy consumed by SCLE SFE in 2017 is locally produced by our solar panels and our wind turbines


measuring the consumption of the buildings and the production of solar panels and wind turbines, also able to manage devices such as cooling and heating


Employees take public transport


of recycled paper / cardboard in 2017


Between 2013 and 2017, our energy efficiency has been inscreasing by 25% !



are dedicated to SCLE SFE sponsorship budget in 2017 (sport, cultural, charitable and humanitarian associations)


it corresponds to the average life span of the railway products (20 years for the others)


of our first-order direct subcontractors are Fench or European


in training in 2016

50blood donations

by our employees in 2017



of the employees have been trained at least once in 2016


were received in 2017


of people hired in 2016 are young graduates or juniors

0work accident

with stoppage in 2017

142Security information session

142 security information sessions conducted to all our employees in 2017