RCMF Generator

Made in France

RCMF power

SCLE SFE offers 2 ranges of RCMF generators: 63 kVA and 125 kVA.

63 kVA generator:
It is composed of an ergonomic control rack and power rack made of IGBT controlled in Pulse Width Modulation.

125 kVA generator:
Based on the same architecture than the 63 kVA generator, it is characterised by its two power racks and its larger width. Electronic cards are the same for the whole RCMF range in order to make maintenance operations and equipment learning easier. 



The benefits of such as an architecture are:

  • The impulsion range subjugated to settings in real time ;
  • Impulsion shape is managed.

This product is very easy to use and maintain especially thanks to:

  • Auto Test of cards ;
  • Help to maintenance ;
  • Front panel made explicit ;
  • Maintenance bay common to the whole SCLE SFE range ;
  • Software able to be duplicated for free on all your substations.