Rail transport
Dedicated Solutions

Personalised railway systems

Our R&D department can help you to develop safety railway systems

With over 45 years of experience in signalling, our R & D department offers tailor-made development of rail safety systems with strong constraints (SIL0 to SIL 4) :

Our material expertise:

  • Analog developement in intrinsic safety (SIL0 to SIL4 according to EN50126) ;

  • Development of personalised inductive elements (power supply, insulation, measuring sensors, etc.) ;

  • Development of  high precision measuring inputs ;

  • Realisation of electronical cards according to railway specifications (SNCF, RATP, EUROTUNNEL, etc.) ;


Our software expertise :

  • Digital electronical development with constraints (SIL0 to SIL4 according to CENELEC EN50128 v2011) ;

  • Low-level software development (targets: Microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA, etc.) ;

  • Midleware software development (targets: Linux, Pocket PC, etc) ;

  • High-level software development (Supervision, Telemonitoring, fat clients, web client, mobility, etc.) ;

  • Development of communication stacks (UNISIG [Subset 98, Subset 37], DES encryption, AES128, etc.) ;

Our methodological expertise:

  • Requirement management ;

  • Functional analysis ;

  • Modelling of specifications to bring formalities and simulation in order for these specifications to be approved ;

  • Automatic code generation according to modelling ;

Our V&V expertise (Verification and Validation) :

  • Verification and specialised tests teams (in compliance with the CENELEC EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 reference systems) ;

  • Specification of tests and realisation of dedicated testbeds ;


Our RAMS expertise:

  • Files and safety demonstrations according to EN50129 ;

  • RAM analysis (System, equipment) ;

  • Safety analysis (System, equipment, software).